Training Page

After you've had a chance to view the training video's below, feel free to experiment on this page that I setup for you. I call it the "Playground" page. It's a place get your feet wet with the tools and not worry about messing anything up. Go ahead an add, remove and edit content/gadgets on this page. Have some fun! 

Start Here

Logging into the site and basic overview.

For Chiefs

How to edit Tribe pages.

Picasa Album Slideshow

How to add a picture album (slideshow).

Here are written directions for adding pictures (using Google's Picasa) to the Nation Web site:

First of all, adding pictures to the site is a two step process. First, you have to upload the pictures to either your own personal Picasa Web album or the Pawnee Nation's Picas Web album and then you can add a Picasa Web slideshow (gadget) anywhere that you want on to display your pictures. 

1) Go to and login.  Feel free to log into your own account if you have one or the Nation's Email login is: and you'll have to ask the Nation Chief for the Password if you don't have it. 
2) Once logged in click on the "Upload" icon on the middle of the top portion of the page. 

3) Then click on "create a new album", fill in the requested info and then press the "continue" icon at the bottom of the page.

4) Then you be taken to the upload page where you can upload 5 images at a time. (Otherwise if you have Picasa installed on your computer you can click on the "Launch Picasa" icon to upload all of your images at once). 
5) Click on the "Choose File" icon until you've selected all of your images (up to 5 at a time). 
6) Then click on the "Start Upload" icon.
7) Repeat steps 2-6 until you've uploaded all of the pictures that you want in the album.
8) When your finished uploading pictures, from within your new album click on the text link "Link to this album" on the far right of the screen. Copy the text in the box labeled "Paste Link in email or IM" (highlight the text and either place your curser in the box and right click for the copy command or use your keyboard short cut <control c> (you'll need this address to place your pictures on the website). 

Now that you have this link you can log into the website and do the following:

1) Go to and log into the site.
2) Go to the Web page that you want to display your pictures on.
3) Select "Edit page"
4) Here's where you're either going to edit a current Picasa Slideshow or add a new one. 
    • To edit an existing Slideshow, just click on it, select the properties link and then paste in the new address for the Album that you want to display. 
    • To add a new Slideshow, place the mouse curser in the content area just above where you want to add the new Slideshow and then click on the "Insert" option found on the menu. Then select the Picassa Web slideshow option.
5) Paste the URL that you copied earlier in the space provided (either by <control v> or right clicking and selecting paste). Select the other options that you want like size (you can play around with this one), alignment (left, centered or right justified) and provide a title for the Slideshow on the last input box, then save.