Base Camp

The Base Camp meeting is the Inter-Circle Council group that supports the program planning for the Expedition. Members are usually Navigators that are elected volunteers each year.

Base Camp meetings are organizational meetings for Expedition and Circle Navigators to coordinate and schedule Expedition events and establish policies and standards. The Wilderness Expedition follows a fairly regular schedule and includes many local and some overnight activities. The three key events of the year are the Spring, Summer and Winter Nation camp outs.

Longhouse meetings are held the second Thursday of each month a secret location in Laguna Beach.  All Circle members are welcome to attend any Base Camp Meeting (please contact the Circle Navigators for details).

About Expedition and Circle Roles

The Expedition and Circles share a simple structure that usually includes a Navigator (or co-navigator), Compass Bearer, Treasure Keeper and a Log Keeper. The nation has a few more roles like Scout and Elder. Here is the complete list:

Navigator - Leader of Circle or Expedition
Compass Bearer - Assistant Leader of Circle or Expedition
Treasure Keeper - Maintains Program Funds and Property
Log Keeper - Communications
Scout - Recruitment
Patch Keeper - Orders/Distributes Campout Patches
Wizard - Runs Adventure Patch Program
Historian - Takes Pictures/Keeps Notes
Fire Starter - Sets up Campfire
Campfire Director - Assistant to Navigator at Campfire
Elder - Former Leader
Outfitter - YMCA Program Director

Talk to your Circle Navigator if you're interested in being a leader next year.

Current Expedition Volunteer Leaders

Wilderness Navigator
Silver Fox
a/k/a Chad Meisinger
chad (at) overtetop (dot) com

War Chief
Morton Smith